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DVH Black Druzy Quartz Drusy Galaxy Amethyst Cabochon 34x16x13mm (9771) - DVHdesigns

DVH Black Druzy Quartz Drusy Galaxy Amethyst Cabochon 34x16x13mm (9771)

$ 44.88

I hand cut this remarkable freeform shaped cabochon. Measurements are in the title. Black druzy quartz of this quality is very desirable and VERY hard to come by! Druzy (also spelled drusy or druse) means a coating of small crystals on a rock surface, often a cavity or a vug in a geode. Not all druzy is quartz, but this definitely is.

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When I have gone to Tucson in February these last couple years I found one major dealer of Brazilian minerals who had ONE table with druzy quartz specimens on it and I bought almost all of it! I went back in 2018 and they didn't have any after having had a little for three years. In having gone to Tucson or Quartzite over 15 times in the past 25 years and countless rock and gem shows regionally, I can tell you that this is special stuff! I asked the dealer if it was irradiated to make it black and they assured me that it was naturally black. They called it "black amethyst" and if one looks under bright enough light at a certain angle, on some of it there is a detectable purple hue. Most of the cabs I cut out of this have no matrix on the back. If there is matrix on the back, it's a simple, ugly grey aggregate and I'm unsure of what it is officially composed.

For those interested in the metaphysical properties of stones, this would have the same properties as quartz and as amethyst. You can look that info up on the internet.

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