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DVH Beach Glass Bubble Matched Pair Earrings 33x20x5mm (9989) - DVHdesigns

DVH Beach Glass Bubble Matched Pair Earrings 33x20x5mm (9989)

$ 29.98

A fun freeform, one of a kind, pair of handmade focal beads that I made (coldworked) from glass I've collected over the years. I used a vintage candy dish for this piece! This pair has 2.5mm front drill hole and are hung on sterling silver earwires. I LOVE the bright blue with the matte finish and the lovely texture on this unusual piece. Very tactile. I cut, sanded, drilled and THEN tumbled it to make it look like a piece of beach glass so the finish is consistent and the edges rounded & smooth, like it washed up on a beach. The high points are smoothed down matte finish while the low points and depressions are still shiny, creating a neat effect. Great as a pendant or an ornament. Perfect for the creative beader to work with!

CHAIN NOT INCLUDED.  If you want to see ALL of my inventory of custom cut focal beads, cabochons, chains, and jewelry you will find all of it in my website.  I have bargain auctions in my eBay store at least once a month.  I have an Etsy store as well as the website, but Etsy will only showcase the most recent 4 months work, while the entire stock will always be on the website.  Sign up for my mailing list from the website, where you can also see my show and lecture schedule. Feel free to like my DVHdesigns page on Facebook!

Back in the mid 90's I noticed some local art jewelers who were using beach glass in their work. I asked one gallery owner in Seattle how a certain jeweler got so much uniform beach glass for her production work. She let me in on the secret that this jeweler made her own beach glass. A light went on in my head! I could easily make my own beach glass! Since then I’ve collected all kinds of patterned glass from Value Village, Goodwill, garage sales, and even my Grandma’s estate. I’ve been making all sorts of unusual pieces from this. No two are ever exactly alike. I cut up the glass on my diamond saw, shape it, sand it, drill it if it’s going to be a bead, and then tumble it to create a matte finish. I hope you enjoy my creative recycling efforts as much as I do making them!

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