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DVH Australian Variscite Freeform Cabochon 40x50x8mm (9957) - DVHdesigns

DVH Australian Variscite Freeform Cabochon 40x50x8mm (9957)

$ 34.88

I hand made this freeform CABOCHON from natural variscite from Australia. Australian variscite is VERY hard to come by these days as the main deposit was mined out years ago.  This is one of a few pieces I have left from a stash I got 20 years ago. This is a loose stone which has to be set in jewelry.  Dimensions are in the title in millimeters. Great, rich, minty green through nearly emerald green color is often mistakenly called green turquoise. Interesting patterns and inclusions of matrix.

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Most Variscite comes from Utah and that material is beautiful also, and a bit more common, but generally forms in nodules with "spiderwebbing" of brittle matrix between the greens. Here is what June Culp Zeitner, former editor at Lapidary Journal has to say about variscite in her book, Gem and Lapidary Materials. "One of the most elegant of American cabochon gemstones is variscite. Sometimes mistaken for turquoise, this gem material is found in tints and shades of green and blue-green. When mixed with other phosphates, such as the superb material from Fairfield, Utah, it has marvelous patterns in yellow, taupe, and muted earth colors such as sand and rust. The gem material is massive, fine grained, compact, and has a toughness which somewhat alleviates its lack of hardness."


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