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DVH Astrophyllite Cabochon Fireworks Stone Cab 36x27x9 (2658)

DVH Astrophyllite Cabochon Fireworks Stone Cab 36x27x9 (2658)

$ 27.98

I hand cut this one of a kind cabochon. Measurements in the title. A freeform shape with a polished finish and with sparkling golden needle inclusions in the matrix.  Astrophyllite gets its name, from the Greek words astron meaning "star" and phyllon meaning "leaf." Some people also refer to this as "fireworks stone" because of the appearance of the glistening needles. Among the minerals it is associated with that may be included in the matrix are feldspar, mica, titanite, zircon, nepheline, and aegirine. A beautiful and unusual stone. The material I cut this from is genuine astrophyllite in matrix from Russia. I have both cabochons and focal beads in this material in my store.

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