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DVH 76g American Shungite Bituminous Coal Heart Fossil Fuel Climate Grief Healing Crystal 76x55x27 (4592)

DVH 76g American Shungite Bituminous Coal Heart Fossil Fuel Climate Grief Healing Crystal 76x55x27 (4592)

$ 47.99

Complicated feelings about climate change and fossil fuel use? This hand carved, Made in the USA, American Shungite coal heart would make a great altar piece and meditation stone! Shungite is a marketing name dating from the 1880's for ALL different grades of coal that are found in one region of Russia.  I encourage people to buy American Shungite, aka "coal", and not support the Russian metaphysical fossil fuel industry during these troubled times.  #BoycottRussia

This feels great in the hand with its light weight and hand polished parts mixed with natural surfaces and polished breaks throughout. Using AMERICAN Bituminous coal mined in Tennessee I shaped and polished this piece by hand here in my studio in Portland, Oregon.  Since I started in the lapidary arts in the mid 1970's I have practiced a ministry of energy in the field of Spiritual Geology.  Coal has more literal energy than any other healing crystal on Earth.  It holds the energy of ancient sunlight, plant, and animal life and is a channel to the wisdom of the ancestors.  

Weight is in the title along with measurements in millimeters.  There are natural fractures and stable cracks in the surface appearance of this piece. In some spots there may also be just a little bit of flaking from the compressed layers, though it doesn't indicate any real structural weakness in the overall piece. Metaphysically coal is said to help with depression, grief, and issues of financial abundance. If the rough material was of a higher quality, more dense, with less fractures, then this would be considered jet. A great way to exhibit the multiple textures of YOUR love, your grief, or whatever you're feeling. Naturally JET BLACK. A truly unique mourning & meditation stone made out of one of the few actually organic gemstones.

Each and every American's individual, personal, daily share of the coal burned in this country is about 7 pounds. Just the coal. Each day. Every day. Per person. 330 million Americans.  Just our country.  Think about it.  Love the burning world but stop feeding the flames.  Cooperate to end combustion energy.  The wisdom of the ancients demands it.  Have a heart.

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