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DVH 5oz Chiastolite Andalusite Fairy Cross Polished Face Crystal Rough 48x54x36mm  (4561)

DVH 5oz Chiastolite Andalusite Fairy Cross Polished Face Crystal Rough 48x54x36mm (4561)

$ 29.99

A completely natural chiastolite andalusite crystal formation from China with a finished face showing the Fairy Cross.  One can often find slices of these or things made out of them but it is hard to find whole crystal specimens like this! 

The mineral chiastolite is a variety of andalusite with the chemical composition Al2SiO5. It is noted for distinctive cross-shaped black inclusions of graphite.  I got a big box of these rough crystals from a Chinese dealer in Tucson a long time ago.  Not all of the crystals are suitable for lapidary work, but are nice specimens even if not.  They are great for meditation, reiki, and just contemplating the miracles of creation!  Here is some information about the metaphysical meanings that I got from the internet… 

"The twin crystal inclusions are sometimes referred to as “Fairy Crosses” as it was once believed to be created by the tears of the fairies who were unable to control their crying when they heard of the crucifixion of Jesus.  It was also considered a good luck charm to prevent children from evil spirits, therefore named “Fairy Stones” to be more appealing to the children and ensure they would keep them on.  The name Chiastolite is said to be derived from the Greek chiastos meaning ‘cross marked’; other names for this stone are Crusite, Crucite, and Lapis Lucifer."  According to Melody, in her book Love Is In the Earth, it has been associated with deflecting the evil eye in the past but it is now used as a sign of devotion and it signifies both death and rebirth.

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