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DVH 31g Genuine Whitby Jet Polished Specimen w Pyrite Vein Fossil Fuel Jewel (4480)

DVH 31g Genuine Whitby Jet Polished Specimen w Pyrite Vein Fossil Fuel Jewel (4480)

$ 88.99

This listing is for the exact piece of natural, beach washed, genuine jet pictured. One face has been polished smooth and the whole piece buffed. It was collected on the beaches of Whitby, England. Weight is in the title and there is a picture of it next to a ruler to show the size. I get my rough from two suppliers who live there and have much experience with this material. Some of the material may show a crazing pattern in the polished surface. There are no "mines" for the Whitby material and the only source is the various grades found on the beaches.

The material from Whitby is world renowned as the blackest, hardest, and shiniest of all jet varieties. Jet is a kind of gem grade lignite coal that has been used in beads, jewelry, carvings and ornament for over 15,000 years. It is estimated that this materia is 180 million year old fossilized wood. It's a true fossil fuel jewel. Jet reached its greatest popularity during Victorian times as traditional mourning jewelry. For this reason it is still associated metaphysically with alleviating grief and depression. It is also said to help with financial stability. While the "energy" of other crystals and stones can't really be measured, the energy of jet can be measured in BTU's and joules of actual energy because it's a fossil fuel jewel! See other custom cut focal beads, cabochons, earrings, chains, and more throughout my DVHdesigns store.

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