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DVH 25cttw Russian Jet Shield Focal Bead Mourning Gem with Sunstone Inlay 41x19x10 (8601)

DVH 25cttw Russian Jet Shield Focal Bead Mourning Gem with Sunstone Inlay 41x19x10 (8601)

$ 99.98

This hand carved, heart shaped focal bead mourning gem feels great in the hand with its light weight and unique natural texture and hand polished surfaces. The sides are slightly rounded and polished with a natural face on the front and back. Using rough Jet mined in Tennessee, this hand cut piece measures 38x29mm and is 13mm thick with a 3mm side drill hole. The natural surface was left on the face in order to showcase the natural fractures and appearance of this piece. In some spots there may also be just a little bit of flaking from the compressed layers that's fun to pick at, though it doesn't indicate any real structural weakness in the overall piece. A great way to exhibit the multiple textures of YOUR love, your grief, or whatever you're feeling. Naturally JET BLACK! A truly unique mourning & meditation stone made out of one of the few actually organic gemstones! This also burns nicely in a fire so it's perfect for ritual use!

Chain not included. See the rest of my listings in my DVHdesigns Etsy shop AND my Ebay store for more focal beads, custom cut cabochons, genuine jet mourning beads, sterling chains just for beads, and more! Also, feel free check out my DVHdesigns website where you can see what I'm up to in the studio, as well as learn more about me, my work, and my upcoming show-lecture schedule.

Although this is a contemporary jet mourning bead, I listed it under vintage because there is currently no category for contemporary mourning jewelry. It's a bead as a metaphor. One can also think of it in terms of how this millions of years old piece of fossilized wood has broken or cracked, and yet remained intact. Just as grief has broken one's heart it will also remain intact. Changed, broken, and still beautiful. Jet has been used as traditional mourning jewelry since early Victorian times. Check out my eBay store for more jet beads, cabs, and talismans! This would look nice strung with other mourning beads or alone on a cord, chain, or cable. To learn more about Jet, go to this page in my eBay store... History of Jet Mourning Jewelry

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