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DVH 1lb 4.8oz Lignite Coal Tennessee Fossil Fuel Genuine Carbon Crystal (2833)

DVH 1lb 4.8oz Lignite Coal Tennessee Fossil Fuel Genuine Carbon Crystal (2833)

$ 98.98

 Complicated feelings about climate change and fossil fuel use? This specimen of lignite coal from Tennessee would make a great altar piece and meditation stone! It feels great in the hand with it's light weight and natural surfaces representing plant life of the ancient times. Measurement of the weight is in the title and this listing is for this EXACT piece of coal. There are natural fractures and stable cracks in the surface appearance of this piece. See my other listings for genuine jet mourning jewelry made out of gem quality coal. Coal specimens make great Christmas presents! Originally coal was given as a gift in a stocking because it was seen as good luck!

I am selling this coal to help people re-conceptualize fossil fuels. Their energy has helped bring about all the prosperity of the last 200 years of industrial revolution. Coal, oil, and gas make up the bones, blood, and farts of Mother Earth. We must revere these materials for the power of the fossilized sunshine that they contain and stop burning them as an energy source. It made sense at one time but no longer. So put a piece of coal on your work desk and THINK about it! Metaphysically lignite coal is said to help with depression, grief, and issues of financial abundance. If the rough material was of a higher quality and more dense with less fractures this would be considered jet.

Each and every Americans individual, personal, share of the coal burned in this country each DAY is about 10 pounds. Just the coal. Each day. Every day. Per person. Think about it.

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