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DVH 18" Sterling Silver 2mm Snake Chain with Removable end Cap just 4 Beads! - DVHdesigns

DVH 18" Sterling Silver 2mm Snake Chain with Removable end Cap just 4 Beads!

$ 51.99

This is a 18 inch 2mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain with a special clasp JUST FOR FOCAL BEADS! It has a lobster claw clasp on one side and the other side has a threaded, removable end cap. Just undo the clasp so the chain hangs down, hold the end cap securely and turn the chain (or vice versa) to unscrew the end cap and don't drop or lose the endcap (replacements are available). Then put the bead of your choice and resecure the end cap.  Don't overtighten. A great solution to the dilemma of wanting to change beads on a chain when the clasp won't fit through the hole!

Please Note: • Use care to properly secure the threaded end cap, and check its tightness regularly to help prevent its loss, however do not overtighten!  

This is a nice length and looks great with one nice center piece BEAD Pendant. This kind of clasp will easily slide through the bead holes in MOST of my beads with a 2.5mm drill hole, or larger. However if you want a chain for a specific bead you’ve purchased you can ask me to check to be sure. Some drill holes may be smaller or have an edge in the hole that catches. So I can't guarantee that this chaing will fit through ALL of my beads, although I strive to make all my beads with a 2.5mm drill hole if possible and make clear in the listing if the hole is smaler. The clasp is very secure as long as it's screwed on appropriately before wearing. Lobster claw clasp is sterling as well and easy to use! One can certainly find snake chains in this length cheaper on eBay or Etsy, but I haven't seen any with the SPECIAL bead-interchanging CLASP!

Broken Heart Bead not included, but look check out my other listings here, or go to my DVHdesigns website or DVHdesigns Custom Cut Beads Facebook page to find out more about my work and where I am showing!

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