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DVH 1/4lb Genuine Fordite Lapidary Rough Dragon Scale Ford KC Ass. 4oz (4815)

DVH 1/4lb Genuine Fordite Lapidary Rough Dragon Scale Ford KC Ass. 4oz (4815)

$ 49.99

This listing is for the exact 4+ ounces of genuine Fordite rough pictured. It is from the Ford Kansas City Assembly in Claycomo, Missouri where they make the F150 truck. It is called "Dragon Scale" because of the appearance of the surface on some pieces.  One can make some nice cabochons out of this rough material. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

I've been cutting varieties of Fordite for over 40 years. I only work in material I am sure of its source. Contrary to what had been believed for many years about the unavailability of new rough due to manufacturing changes, there is SOME contemporary Fordite rough that is collected and made available to cutters in small quantities. I have a good stock of rough to work with. Compare my Fordite with others for sale on the internet! Much of it is fake and either "handmade" by just pouring pretty colors of paint together that are clearly not automotive paint colors of ANY era, or they're just striped resin beads made in China and not real Fordite. I grew up in a rock club in Michigan during the 1970's and rockhounds who worked in the auto industry would collect chunks of dried, layered car paint from the paint sheds at least as early as the late 1960's but it was never collected in large quantities. Fordite is built up overspray that has been baked repeatedly making it relatively hard and solid. It was sold at local rock and gem shows as "Fordite, Chryslerite, Buickite, Detroit Agate, etc." Fordite was by far the most common and popular name and today has come to be used for all built up industrial oversprays used in the jewelry trade.  Ethical dealers will accurately identify the variety and source of Fordite if they know it.

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