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As many of my customers know, I have been giving lectures on a wide range of topics to Bead Societies up and down the West Coast for the last 10+ years.  These are all powerpoint presentations about an hour in length on subjects that I've gathered tremendous information about over the years. Thanks to the miracle of the internet and Zoom, my LIVE lectures and Q & A's are now going to be available to anyone with a digital device and an internet connection!

I ask for a sliding scale payment to be made to attend my lectures.  Purchase of a link to the lecture can be made in my DVHdesigns web store for as little as $1, or more if you'd like to support my work and efforts.  Lectures will be on alternating Tuesdays at 5:30 Pacific Time, last about an hour, and then time for questions and discussions.  Here is a list of the different lectures and the dates. Click on this link to see the list of lectures in my web store where you can read a synopsis and to purchase a link to the talk... 

January 25th:The History of Jet and Mourning Jewelry

February 8th: The Stones Cry Out:  The Art of Gemstone Nomenclature and Identification

February 22nd: Blinded by the Light:  Optical Phenomena in Gemstones

March 8th: Touchstones:Myth, Meaning, and Magic in Beads, Ornament, and Material

March 22nd: Fabulous Fakes:  The History of Gemstone Simulants and Synthetics

April 5th:  Ivory:  Organic Gem from the Age of King Tusk

April 19th:  Beading Online:  Showing, Sharing, Shopping, & Selling Beadwork World Wide

May 3rd:  DVHdesigns:  Five decades in Geological Time, a Personal Retrospective

May 17th: Benchtop Lapidary Techniques for Jewelers

With purchase of an electronic ticket to each lecture there will be a unique coupon code with sale prices on items in my store just for people who attend the lecture!  All are welcome.  I hope some of these topics may be of interest to you and that you may show up in my Zoom room someday soon.