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DVH Genuine Fossil Walrus Tusk Tip Focal Bead Pair 58x14x10 (8240) - DVHdesigns

DVH Genuine Fossil Walrus Tusk Tip Focal Bead Pair 58x14x10 (8240)

$ 119.98

Fossil ivory from walrus and mammoth is perfectly LEGAL to buy, work, sell, and wear almost everywhere.  However, there are now fossil specific sales bans in NY, NY, CA, and HI.  We won't ship to those states.  Sorry.

A really wonderful pair of one of a kind fossil walrus ivory tusk tip beads made out of Fossil Walrus Ivory! Measurements are shown in the listing title and have 2mm drill holes. Walrus tusks are usually composed of 3 layers: the outer enamel, which is often worn down or degraded, the thick uniform primary dentine which forms in layers, and the inner core of secondary dentine, or osteodentine. The wear and burial of these tusks show some of these layers.

CHAIN NOT INCLUDED.  If you want to see ALL of my inventory of custom cut focal beads, cabochons, chains, and jewelry you will find all of it on my website.  I have bargain auctions in my eBay store at least once a month.  I have an Etsy store as well as the website, but Etsy will only showcase the most recent 4 months work, while the entire stock will always be on the website.  Sign up for my mailing list from the website, where you can also see my show and lecture schedule. Feel free to like my DVHdesigns page on Facebook where you can see my complete inventory as well!  

NO modern mammals are harmed in the collection of this ivory. It is dug up. I buy my fossil ivory rough from a reputable dealer who has sold ONLY fossil ivory for over 30 years. You can buy this material with confidence that no animal died in this millenium to provide us with this beautiful organic gemstone!

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