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DVH Yooperlite Heart Fluorescent Sodalite in Syenite Michigan 33x46x20 (3129)

DVH Yooperlite Heart Fluorescent Sodalite in Syenite Michigan 33x46x20 (3129)

$ 48.99

 I made this matte finish stone heart carving out of a beach rock found on the shores of Lake Superior in Keweenaw county, Michigan, the peninsula of the Upper Peninsula!  Measurements in the listing title.  This is NOT A BEAD like others in my store.  Look at the other listings if you want one that is drilled, or contact me for custom drilling request on this one.  

The rock is syenite with inclusions of fluorescent sodalite. The sodalite fluoresces a bright orange-yellow under ultraviolet light. I took the fluorescent picture of the stone using a Convoy 365nm Ultraviolet (UV) Flashlight from Way To Cool to illuminate the bead and the other picture under a regular LED daylight bulb. The UV light is what makes the sodalite "glow" and how brilliant it is will depend on the quality of the UV light you look at it with. With a good light they look like glowing hot coals!

The rockhound who "discovered" fluorescent sodalite in syenite on the beaches of the Keweenaw County gave these rocks the trade name "yooperlite" because they come from the U.P. and the Yoopers like them! A great gift and even better if you give it to someone with a fluorescent lamp.

Fluorescent minerals show up best under a QUALITY ultraviolet lamp. A simple long wave "black light" bulb will not do any fluorescent mineral justice. Don't be fooled by cheap knock off ultraviolet flashlights. You get what you pay for. I highly recommend the quality UV lamps available at Way To Cool.

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