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DVH Michigan Native COPPER Cabochon Kingston Conglomerate Ore 41x30x6 (1360)

DVH Michigan Native COPPER Cabochon Kingston Conglomerate Ore 41x30x6 (1360)

$ 32.98

 I hand cut this piece from native copper ore.  Measurements in the title in millimeters. Incredible spiderwebbing of SOLID, natural, pure, copper. 

The rough material is from the Kingston Conglomerate copper mine in the Keweenaw peninsula in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  The mine mostly closed in the 1968 so cutting rough is only available from the collections of old rockhounds who "mined" the dumps of the mine over the decades (as I did once on a family rockhounding back in 1979!)     This is a neat and unusual piece for the metal smith or bead artist who likes to be in touch with where their metal comes from!    NOTE:  Because copper oxidizes all the spider webbing of solid copper in this piece will show up much better if it is regular buffed or gently cleaned with copper cleaner or a simple polishing cloth.  Then they’ll continue to really shine!  The only way to stop the oxidation would be to coat the whole bead in acrylic and I don't like to do that as I think it looks tacky.  

 For those interested in the metaphysics of stones, here is some information from the Crystal Awareness Guide's chart, "Copper--influences flow of blood.  Supplies strong energy to body/mind.  Aids metabolism.  Helps detoxify body.  An aid for exhaustion and sexual imbalance.  Aligns physical/emotional bodies.  Raises self-esteem.  Strong conductor of energy. "

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