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DVH BC Ocean Picture Stone Heart Cabochon Matte 63x52x8 (4865)

DVH BC Ocean Picture Stone Heart Cabochon Matte 63x52x8 (4865)

$ 58.99

I hand cut this cabochon and left it with a satin matte finish. Measurements are in the title in millimetres. This material is found around Kelowna, British Columbia and it is famous for looking dramatically like a rugged ocean coast! I've heard it called "BC Ocean Stone" or "BC Ocean Jasper" and also "Ocean Picture Jasper." I've also seen a seller call it "Surfer Jasper." Those are only location and descriptive names and this stone is NOT RELATED at all to "Ocean Jasper" from Madagascar. I've only seen slabs or rough for sale a few times in my life and I've bought some each time I saw it! From what I have been able to test and research, the blue is neither agate or jasper but it IS a variety of quartz. The best analysis I've found is that it is a silicated (turned into quartz) serpentinite. A relatively rare material only found in British Columbia.

According to wikipedia... "Serpentinite is a rock composed of one or more serpentine group minerals. Minerals in this group are formed by serpentinization, a hydration and metamorphic transformation of ultramafic rock from the Earth's mantle. The mineral alteration is particularly important at the sea floor at tectonic plate boundaries." So the original formation was replaced by quartz. It's not as hard as an agate or jasper. Some pieces show inclusions of a common rock matrix and some do not.

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