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DVH Petrified Palm Wood Matte Bead Pendant TX 42x13x7 (5378)

DVH Petrified Palm Wood Matte Bead Pendant TX 42x13x7 (5378)

$ 39.99

I hand cut this matte finish bead out of genuine Petrified Palm Wood from east Texas.  Satin matte finish, great grain, and a 2.5mm drill hole.  CHAIN NOT INCLUDED.  Petrified wood grains don't get much prettier than this!   A lot of the petrified palm on the market these days if from Indonesia but this is old stock from Texas.  

Petrified wood, having undergone silicification and transformed into a form of quartz, inherits from Mother Earth not only its own unique metaphysical properties but also those associated with various forms of quartz, such as chalcedony and agate. Beyond its symbolism of both the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, petrified wood offers grounding energy, rootedness, and emotional stability. It excels in calming survival-based fears and provides support during challenging times, making it a stone of transformation that aids in personal advancement and practical decision-making, particularly in business endeavors. This petrified wood also offers a shield of protection. Additionally, its inherent link to the past makes it a valuable tool for past life regressions, facilitating journeys into previous experiences and wisdom.  The fossil is the stone's memory of the tree. It is here to help us remember the wisdom of the ancestors and the love of our Mother Earth.  More will be revealed.  

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