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24" Necklace - Genuine Organic Gemstone Jet and Tanzanian Sunstone Beads (2000)

24" Necklace - Genuine Organic Gemstone Jet and Tanzanian Sunstone Beads (2000)

$ 138.88

This is a one of a kind necklace made of 8mm round genuine Jet beads from China and shimmering, coppery orange baroque Tanzanian Sunstone beads. Measures 24 inches in length with a copper toggle clasp.

Jet is an organic gemstone, actually a mineraloid that is fossilized Monkey Puzzle tree, about 60 million years old, that has formed a kind of gem grade lignite coal. Jet has been used as traditional mourning jewelry since early Victorian times and it was worn in ancient Rome by Pagans of the cult of Cybele to honor the Mother Goddess. Some of the mystic lore that has been said about Sunstone is that it is a stone of leadership, dispels fear and stress, increases vitality, encourages independence and originality, warms the spirit and brings good fortune! This one of a kind necklace carries a lot of combined wonderful intentional energy!

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Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."

I work with jet and make jet beads & cabochons because of my own grief that I have carried for years. I make them to ease the grief of others. I make them because this darkest of dark material was worn by millions of people, mostly women, as traditional mourning jewelry during Victorian times. I offer up these jet items because unlike other black, dark black stones, such as black onyx, obsidian, psilomelane, and black jade, this "stone" is organic in origin, like you and me. It is not heavy, hard, and cold. It is light, soft, and warm. It is one of those rare solid gifts of the earth that feels as if it carries life with it. During the 16th century A.D. jet was called black amber and used to make rosary beads. Archeological evidence shows that jet was used for ornaments as early as the Bronze age. But jet touches the soul of our earth in a way that is even deeper, and more alive.

This organic gemstone is fossilized wood related to lignite coal. Millions and millions of years ago the jet object you see on your screen was part of a living, growing tree. Probably a tree in a forest of Monkey Puzzle Trees (Araucaria araucana). The trees died, the forests ended, and the layers of organic matter changed from wood into coal and jet. In effect, all life ended and was transformed. This is a part of the plan. The coal of these ancient forests has been used for thousands of years to warm our hearths and our homes. The harder, more consistent material, jet, is fashioned into items of adornment to warm our hearts and our souls. I cut jet because more than any other material I work with, this gemstone teaches me how creation ends in destruction and destruction ends in creation. The universe continues to unfold as it should. So we celebrate births, thus we mourn deaths.

Most of the jet I work with is from Tennessee, however most commercial strands are made with material from Russia, in Central Asia, near Lake Baikal. Jet also is found in New Mexico and the Hopi and Anasazi Indians used it in fetishes and adornment. Locations in the U.S. where jet can also be found are in Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Texas. Other sources are Germany, Poland, Spain, Russia, and Japan. Most Victorian mourning jewelry was made in Whitby, England, center of the British jet trade.

Jet was named from gagates, because Pliny said the material was first found in the river Gages. In German it is Gaget. After widowhood, Queen Victoria was so fond of jet that she made it an integral part of her perpetual mourning costume. Consequently, in Europe and much of America jet came to be considered the only proper adornment for those attending funerals, or for women in mourning. Jet is only a 2.5 in hardness. It does possess a certain toughness that compensates for this. The light weight, warmth to the touch, and dense black color also make up for its lack of hardness.

In contemporary metaphysics it has been said that jet can be used to dispel fearful thoughtsas well as protect the wearer against illness and violence. It is also said to protect one during the pursuit of business and enhance the stability of ones finances. Moreover, jet is said to be a calming agent, providing diminishment of depression. I don't say this to make any special claims about this material. I provide this information simply for folks who are interested in what metaphysics says about this.

In ancient times ground jet was burned to produce obvious smoke which was said to drive away demons, repel snakes, bring on menstruation, and serve other magical purposes. British fishermen's wives used to burn jet as a charm to preserve their husband's boats at sea. I'll start to save the powder from my grindings and list it here on eBay if anyone wants to have some to burn ritually. (Please do not try to burn my beads!)

According to Barbara Walker, in The Book of Sacred Stones, "Modern mystics still cling to the old belief that the coal smoke from burning jet will repel fevers, infections, hysteria, hallucinations, epilepsy, and stomach troubles. Powdered jet drunk in water or wine is also ˜good for... cold, gout, cramps, toothache, palsy, tumors, and premenstrual syndrome." NOTE: I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY OF THESE REMEDIES!

Know that I bring my jet creations to you with intention, with love, and with hope. In some weird way I feel that my spiritual purpose here on this planet is to transform the world, one little stone at a time. Faith CAN move mountains. The same source of universal compassion that transforms ancient forests into material for fuel and adornment is also the only real power that we can channel to transform and heal our hearts. Thank you for reading this and for your interest in my work. Know that you are a blessing and that you are blessed. Sincerely, David Vance Horste, DVHdesigns.

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