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DVH Purple Dyed Agate 57x28mm Art Glass Bead Necklace

DVH Purple Dyed Agate 57x28mm Art Glass Bead Necklace

$ 118.88

This necklace was made by internationally known Scottish jewelry artist Jan Calligan. The 57x28mm by 19mm thick free form focal bead was custom cut by acclaimed lapidary artist David V. Horste of DVHdesigns. Jan carefully selected the other various elements in this piece to showcase the central pendant and make this into a true one of a kind piece of beaded art jewelry. 17mm facetted rondelle, purple dyed agate beads and little faceted spacers, along with sterling silver toggle clasp create a wonderful look!

David is always looking for unusual materials to work with and when he was visiting some friends in Denver he got some really great stuff. The guys at Blake Street Art Glass do these big, beautiful blown glass sculptural vessels. They then saw off the edges and the bottom and then facet the faces to a mirror polish. Their work is truly amazing and quite expensive. They’ve been doing this for many years and have always just thrown the sawed off butt ends of their sculptures into a big pile in the back yard of their studio. They knew they were too beautiful to throw away but didn’t know how best to use them. Well, when David saw them he KNEW exactly how to use them. They were kind enough to give him a box of them (he begged). When he saw them a year later and showed them what he had done with them they were amazed. Another victory for recycling and reinterpretation.

Jan Calligan lives and works in Scotland, although her fascination with gems has taken her around the world. The first steps she made into the jewelry world were in the 1990's with some simple silver fabrication classes. While she is quite knowledegable about colored gemstones, she has made her primary focus the exotic world of extremely diverse and uniquely cut semi-precious gemstone beads and cabochons. To this end she has collected the work of DVHdesigns for over 10 years. Also, since 2007 she has made the annual pilgrimage to the Gem and Mineral shows of Tucson to find the best, the brightest, and the most unusual in the world of gemstone beads, cabs, and findings to add to her artistic beading pallette. DVHdesigns is proud to offer a diverse selection of some of Jan's custom strung, beaded necklaces that showcase our one of a kind centerpiece beads. See our other listings for more of her work as well as David's focal beads and jet mourning beads!

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