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DVH Petrified Dinosaur Bone Fluorescent Heart Bead Pendant 34x26x12 (2871)

$ 98.98

Another one of a kind from DVH Designs!!! This is actual fossilized dinosaur bone from the area around the border of Colorado, Utah. A freeform shape bead, measurements are in the listing title and it has a 2.5mm drill hole. You can actually see the cell structure of the marrow of the bone. Truly a one of a kind! A perfect prize for the dino lover!

Chain not included.

Dinosaur bone has some interesting metaphysical properties, which I will list here. For more geological information on dinosaur bone refer to the information below the image. In her book, Love Is In the Earth, Melody says that, "use of the dinosaur bone can help to diminish the barriers separating the ancient ones and their inherent knowledge from the modern representatives of the human kingdom. It can open avenues of communication and insight, assisting one in understanding the earth changes, the role of evolution, and the issues of dominance and endurance in all situations. It stimulates the adventuresome nature, helping one to proceed from one point to another with both the faith and the strength to understand and to attain the ultimate value of a situation. The dinosaur bone has been used to facilitate mind travel, providing for a stabilizing force to ground the user while allowing the mind to wander toward a pre-set goal."

The rings-things web site has a great gemstone information index that I recommend. The guy who runs it seems real honest and knows a lot. I got this info from his site, "The stone people today call dinosaur bone is more descriptively known as silicified (transformed into silica) fossil of dinosaur bone. The substance is a pseudomorph, the atom-by-atom replacement of one mineral for another without changing the original mineral's external appearance. In this case, bone has been replaced by chalcedony. Although fossilized dinosaur bones are found in many places around the world, from Argentina to Mongolia to Madagascar, the highly silicified and beautifully colored dinosaur remains sometimes called "gem bone" is almost exclusively found in a relatively small area in the U.S.A. called the Colorado Plateau. Most of the areas that produce quality bone are in Colorado and Utah. During the dinosaur period, this was an area that included both land and water, with swamps, lakes and shallow oceans bordered by continental shelf, rising into ancient mountains. The climate changed over time, growing more arid and increasing in volcanic activity. Silica-rich volcanic sediments were then carried by the rivers and deposited as the seas retreated. This environment proved ideal for the burial and subsequent preservation of countless dinosaur remains."

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