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DVH Genuine Mammoth Mastodon Fossil Tooth Polished Curved Swoosh Focal Bead 58x16x6 (1199)

DVH Genuine Mammoth Mastodon Fossil Tooth Polished Curved Swoosh Focal Bead 58x16x6 (1199)

$ 56.88

Fossil ivory and bone from walrus and mammoth is perfectly LEGAL to buy, work, sell, and wear almost everywhere in United States.  However, there are now fossil specific sales bans in NY, NJ, CA, and HI.  We won't ship to those states, nor will we ship overseas.  Sorry.

A really wonderful, curved swoosh shaped, one of a kind, polished bead pendant made out of Fossil Woolly Mammoth Tooth! Measures 58x16x6mm. Drill hole is about 2mm. This bead's color is classic cream, it hasn't been darkened by thousands of years of exposure to mineralization and exposure to the elements. The patterning is crosshatched. Keep this material away from intense exposure to moisture or heat (which is bad for organic gemstones like this)

NO modern mammals are harmed in the collection of these fossils. They are dug up. I buy my fossil rough from a reputable dealer who has sold ONLY fossil rough for over 30 years. You can buy this material with confidence that no animal died in this millennium to provide us with this beautiful organic gemstone!

 CHAIN NOT INCLUDED.  If you want to see ALL of my inventory of custom cut focal beads, cabochons, chains, and jewelry you will find all of it on my website.  I have bargain auctions in my eBay store at least once a month.  I have an Etsy store as well as the website, but Etsy will only showcase the most recent 4 months work, while the entire stock will always be on the website.  Sign up for my mailing list from the website, where you can also see my show and lecture schedule. Feel free to like my DVHdesigns page on Facebook where you can see my complete inventory as well!  

This material is collected by Native people in Alaska, Siberia, and Canada and can only be gathered for a few months every summer during the thaw. Of course that's changing with all the permafrost melting due to climate change, so more fossil mammoth and walrus teeth are being exposed in Arctic regions. The coloration depends on how well it is preserved and what minerals might have been present where it was found. Fossil walrus teeth can be hundreds to thousands of years old. It is found in old hunting grounds and areas that the natives know where walrus herds have gathered for centuries to live and die, so there are lots of pieces to mine there. Fossil Mammoth teeth are found in the banks of streams, by mineral miners removing overburden, and by others that scour the tundra looking to collect this beautiful and rare material. Woolly Mammoths died out over 10,000 years ago and using this organic gemstone does not threaten any endangered species.

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